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Having your carpets cleaned regularly helps prevent mould growth as well as exposure to allergens in your rooms. Dirty carpets create an ideal environment for mould growth when exposed to moisture, and they take away the aesthetic appeal of your home. Well, that can be avoided by using local professional carpet cleaning experts. Here we will cover some of the most popular ones.

Carpet Cleaning machineProfessional carpet cleaners mostly use two cleaning methods. The Dry cleaning method which involves using a powder that’s applied to the carpet and then removed using a vacuum and the wet cleaning method which involves water and an array of other cleaning products to get rid of the dirt.

The dry cleaning procedure does not involve water. The cleaners spray an adequate amount of an absorbent compound on the carpet and use a brush to spread it over the entire surface. The residue along with the dirt is then drawn using a commercial vacuum cleaner. The benefit of using this method is that the carpet becomes instantly dry, and you can be able to walk on it from the one. This is a method that is quite useful especially in places with high foot traffic such as hospitals. Public settings that need to remain open find dry carpet cleaning a viable option as the activity does not disrupt the day-to-day operations.

The other method is the wet cleaning procedure and hot water extraction is the most popular among the many that fall into this category. Some tend to call it steam cleaning, but in reality, it is hot water coming out from the machine under high pressure. The extremely high pressured water immediately forms a high-pressure spray which is injected into the base of the carpet fibers, thus loosening the dirt. The dirt and debris are then sucked back into the machine by a commercial high-pressure vacuum.

It is important to hire the right company when you decide to have your carpets deep cleaned. So, you might want to do some research and ask about the cleaning methods that the firm employs. You might want to read online reviews and testimonials to have an idea about the quality of service the company offers. Also, note that there numerous myths regarding how often a carpet should be cleaned. That is probably because the duration mostly depends on the type of carpet. However, all carpets need to be professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. In high foot traffic regions, they need to be cleaned on a more regular basis.