Car Air Conditioning Regassing & Servicing Gold Coast

If you drive a car and live in a country that has hot summers you will know the frustration of feeling the cool air from your car air con system suddenly change from a comfortable temperature to the ambient temperature of the environment behind your closed windows. Almost every motorist has felt their heart sink when they realise that they are doomed to spend the rest of the day with sweat dripping from every pore in the knowledge that it’s time to have the air con regassed by a local dealer such as Coastwide Mobile Roadworthys & Vehicle Air Conditioning who can can come to you at work or at home.

aircon regasThere are some common sense steps that should be considered before having your car air con return to full functionality after being undergoing a regas.

Firstly – make sure that you are using a reputable supplier. In fact, the best way to ensure that you are getting quality service is to make sure that the air con regas is undertaken by an authorised dealer – the dealer that you bought the car from is a great choice. If the car was purchased used then find an authorised dealer of the make of car that you drive. You then have the peace of mind of knowing that the job has been done properly and that there are no mechanical faults with the air con that have led to its failure.

You can beat the heat by being proactive. On average most motor vehicles will require an air con regas about everyone and a half years to two years. If you reach this point it’s better to be safe than sorry. Go and get the air con regas done. It’ll save you a sweaty emergency trip. Air con gas does run out – it’s just a matter of when.

You’ll know when it’s a time when you notice that the air con is simply not producing as much cold air as it did when you purchased the vehicle. Studies have shown that an average car air con loses about 10% of its effectiveness every year. Don’t wait for absolute failure. Use that one and a half to two-year rule and save yourself the discomfort.

The best news is that having a regas procedure done for your car is an outpatient medical procedure – it’ll only take a little over an hour (sometimes less) depending on the make and model of your car.

It’s also ultra easy and doesn’t require that you book your car in as you would for a service. Simply pop by the auto mechanic and ask that the car air con is serviced – they are usually more than happy to oblige and you should be back on the road cool and calm within a very short time.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. If you feel that first loss of effective cooling power from your car air con rather have it seen to immediately. By having a regas done regularly you maintain the effectiveness of the air con system in its entirety and keep it optimally functional for the lifetime of your vehicle.