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If you live in a region that has termites you’ll know that the damage that can be caused to residential housing by these pests can be enormous. In fact, many people who purchase homes in these regions insist that pest inspections be carried out prior to the signing of the final purchase agreement – the risks of unseen damage to what will probably be their most valuable investment are too high to take any chances.

However, even the most intensive of inspections can only reveal damage that has already been done – it will do nothing to prevent further damage which can take place.

For ongoing protection, homeowners need to invest in technology and systems that will prevent termite infestation on an ongoing basis.

One of the most popular ways of doing this is to engage professional experts in installing chemical termite barriers – The Pest Company is termite expert operating all over South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Chemical termite barriers consist of treatments that are placed below ground to disrupt chemical termite barrierthe natural paths that termites take towards a source of nourishment – all too often a residential dwelling.

Termites tend to stick to a single path in order to get to a food source, the installation of chemical barriers will kill any termite that comes into contact with it – and the effects of the chemicals are not immediate so the action of those chemicals passes between workers who follow the same path. Eventually, this starves the queen who relies on workers to provide nourishment and the colony will become extinct.

The effectiveness of chemical barriers depends on the fact that there are no ‘active’ termite colonies already on the property. If this is the case then they will not come into contact with the chemicals so treatment will be ineffective. This is why a reputable treatment/pest control company should be retained to inspect the property prior to any chemical treatment. Once the property has been cleared a shallow ‘trench’ is dug around the perimeter walls of the property.

Once this trench has been dug a specially formulated chemical mixture is injected into the soil.

The ‘Termiticides’ are much more effective than other chemicals that only drive termites away from the surrounds of the property. Because they result in the death of a colony they provide a long-term solution to the termite problem.

Many newer homes in areas that have traditionally suffered from termite infestations are now built with physical barriers in place around the upper parts of the foundations of the buildings. however, for older homes that are purchased by buyers, those barriers may not be in place. It is essential that the buyer of the property make sure that those protective measures have been installed – if not then chemical barriers are a safe and effective way of protecting a property investment from deteriorating or the homeowner having to undertake costly remedial measures to deal with an infestation.

Chemical barriers are part and parcel of a number of other proactive measures to protect a very valuable asset – a home. Owners who ignore the issue are simply asking to have that asset damaged.